Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

There is St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, wife, mother, widow, religious, founder of Catholic Schools in the UnitedStates, and Saint,  an additional title that is not as well known.

Largely through the efforts of the late John Cardinal O’Connor, when he was Chief of Navy Chaplains, Elizabeth Seton was declared by the Catholic Church as a Patrol of all Seafarers.  This Patronage includes not only the military sea services the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard., It also includes the Merchant Marines.  In addition this Patronage extends to recreational boaters and sail boaters.
IMG_1063William Seton, her husband was a Merchant Seafarer Agent.  William and Richard, her sons, were both in the United States Navy.  Richard died at sea.  One can easily imagine, indeed certainly imagine she was on the pier watching them set sail and watching them returning home from long and perilous voyages at sea.  This sculpture, by the renouwned Canadian sculptor Timothy P. Schmaltz, captures this moment.  The sculpture by Mr. Schmaltz is an outstanding and beautiful execution of Msgr. John L. FitzGerald’s original conception of Mother Seton praying on a wooden pier, wind swept, and rosary in hand and the other hand over her heart, gazing out over the sea at a ship bearing one of her three sea-going loved ones.  A laminted picture card with a Prayer for Seafarers composed by Monsignor is also available.